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Road hazards, weather conditions, speed, and distractions all make driving a risky business. This can make a great gift for a young family member, or you can use it as a preventive exercise for yourself. Its best to stay off the roads if there is a threat of flooding, snow, ice or heavy thunderstorms. In most states, you will be able to printout your certificate of completion instantly without any extra charge. Remember, just as defensive driving cant prevent you from all accidents, defensive coding wont protect you from all bugs. Defensive driving techniques, road courtesy and safety defensive driving is often defined as preventing crashes before they occur, it is the demonstration of an attitude, awareness and driving skills such as. Although the driving process consists of the driver, vehicle and environment, the primary causal factor in most vehicle collisions is the driver. This is even more important for rv drivers than for drivers of passenger vehicles.

Avoid driving during periods of high traffic, typically during morning, lunch, and evening commute times. Refer to the current revision of the colorado drivers manual. Defensive drivers are aware of their surroundings at all times and can foresee possible dangers. A successful defensive driver will never be involved in a preventable accident. We need a quiet road with few vehicles a long straight road is perfect, no intersections. A defensive driving test is an examination of an individuals understanding of the practices of defensive driving. Lets just state that good driving skill is not necessarily knowing how to aim the vehicle, or how to use the horn, transmission, brakes or accelerator.

Driver should require all occupants to wear seat belts as they were designed for use in your personal or leased vehicle. Studies have shown a gradual decrease of traffic fatalities over the years. Defensive driving requires all drivers to think ahead. Defensive driving requires the knowledge and strict observance of all traffic rules and regulations applicable to the area in which the vehicle is being operated. Defensive driving is the best defense against the hazards of the road. Defensive driving is safe driving, which helps decrease the chance of you being in accident. The level of defensive driving varies considerably and can be selftaught to advance ones own basic driving abilities or can be taken in the form of a professional driving course conducted by trained professionals. Ask the group to identify the major causes of vehicle incidents. Defensive driving is driving to prevent crashes in spite of the incorrect actions of others or adverse driving conditions, such as weather, traffic, lighting, vehicle or road condition, or a drivers physical or mental state. But is multitasking, skipping a step or taking your eyes off the road worth risking a life. We offer different perspective into your training material so that youre fully prepared to take on drivers ed, whether its the permit test or drivers training. Jan 04, 2015 following these three techniques can greatly reduce the amount of bugs in your code and will especially help with the overall quality of your code. The defensive driving course exam answers national safety council.

Get the licensed driver to drive the car to a clear open road. Driving techniques and safety keys to safe driving 1. Defensive driving take 5 for safety texas department of. Sightseeing and multitasking use of a cellular phone, reading, eating, etc.

Defensive driving has both financial and safety benefits. Defensive driving is commonly defined as a mastery of skills beyond the basics of operating a motor vehicle, with attention to safety and efficiency on the road. Defensive drivers are able to avoid dangers on the road by using their safe driving practices. Defensive driving commercial motor vehicle drivers. Driving tips for everyday driving, includes defensive driving pdf. Defensive driving techniques to protect yourself on the road.

Defensive driving techniques defensive drivers use techniques theyve learned that allow them to drive safely, over and above what is required by law. Traffic school defensive driving course adult driver education. Driving should be taken seriously in recent years, traffic fatalities have. Defensive driving is a style of road driving that keeps you away from other peoples problems. Good vision, look with your eyes but see with your mind. Stay alert and keep eyes moving so that you can keep track of what is happening at all times.

Learning proper defensive driving techniques will not only protect you and others on the road from injury. The following requirements of the national safety councils defensive driving program can be helpful in learning to drive with a more defensive mentality. The possible consequences of a collision range from tickets or fines, demerit points on your drivers licence, higher insurance premiums, vehicle damage, and sadly, injury or death. Every year in ireland many people are killed and seriously injured while driving for. Driver incompetence a great number of drivers lack the proper. Advanced driving, defensive driving, better driving. Many defensive driving classes are available online and in your area. When people dont fully understand how to drive, how to react in case of emergencies and dont understand the laws, it hurts everyone else on the road. Its aim is to reduce the risk of driving by anticipating dangerous situations, despite. Compiled list of defensive driving tips and useful resources for staying. It focuses on critical driver safety issues and the methods taken to control hazards that are the cause of most accidents. Nov 25, 20 the best way to stay safe on the road is being aware of whats around you and anticipating other drivers on the road. An actual driving lesson learning to drive a manual car.

Its knowing the rules of the road and obeying them. Defensive driving no matter what you drive, remember to practice defensive driving at all times. Advanced driving or defensive driving is a form of training for motor vehicle drivers. Defensive driving manual english free download as pdf file. Download the aviva drive app to put your ontheroad skills to the test. There are six major causes of car collisions and accidents. Its an intellectual approach that helps you to save brakes, tyres and fuel fuel saving of up to 25% but more importantly it saves lives. The following tips and techniques are recommendations to help you drive defensively. Welcome to online traffic education, the leader in online driving courses.

Be sure to take care of these things before taking off. Defensive driving techniques and safety tips defensive driving techniques. It is up to us to drive safely and to look out for others. Defensive driving top 10 tips defensive driving is defined as driving to safe lives, time and money in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of other. We are fully licensed with the state, department of motor vehicles dmv and accepted in all courthouses. Knowing what to do in a bad situation could save your life. Defensive driving manual english traffic traffic light scribd. Defensive driving techniques is an intermediate online safety course that offers extended driving training. In addition to the basics, youll learn defensive driving techniques and best practices for safe driving through repetition and quiz work. Examples of defensive driving colonial driving school. Concrete ontario has assembled this guidance document for its members to provide some best practice techniques and solutions to some of the challenges we all. Defensive driving is defined as driving to safe lives, time and money in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of other. Driving is an essential part of work life for many people. To help keep you and your passengers safe, here are ten defensive driving tips that go above and beyond the usual guidelines they teach in driving school.

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities that people do. Defensive coding techniques the curious programmer. Learning defensive driving techniques can also help you make better. Driving should be taken seriously in recent years, traffic fatalities have accounted for.

Online defensive driving courses nsc defensive driving online courses deliver the most relevant, leadingedge content to motivate and educate your employees to be safe, responsible drivers. Defensive driving also utilises key skills to increase fuel economy, vehicle wear and time. Share this page on twitter share this page on facebook share this page on linkedin. These defensive driving tips can help you or a loved one take on the road safely. Defensive driving principles and techniques are the cornerstones of the. See more ideas about teen driver, driving school and driving courses. Top 20 defensive driving tips to keep you safe trusted choice. May 10, 2017 benefits of defensive driving techniques. It can be enjoyable and pleasant, but it can also be stressful and dangerous.

The course is an eight 8 hour lecture seminar about land transportation and variety of general rules, as well as the practice of specific driving techniques, safe. Do not expect the other driver to do what you think he or she should do. Driving defensively saves lives, time, and money in all types of road conditions, and despite the actions of other drivers, according to the american national standards institute and national safety council. An rv driver must be continually aware of the traffic around the vehicle because directional changes are slower and the rv needs more space in traffic. This lack of experience and consideration for others contributes significantly to road rage and accidents. Jan 29, 2016 defensive driving is safe driving, which helps decrease the chance of you being in accident. Unfortunately, traffic accidents are still one of the leading causes of death in north america. Defensive driving from wikipedia, the free encyclopedia advanced driving or defensive driving is a form of training for motor vehicle drivers that goes beyond mastery of the rules of the road and the basic mechanics of driving.

Defensive drivers use techniques theyve learned that allow them to drive safely, over and above what is required by law. Defensive driving strategies by ted ingalls ask the group who is responsible for driving safely. Introduction to defensive driving focus, focus, focus aggressive driving or as we like to call it, stupid driving speeding safe stopping distances the dangers of street. Each program delivers the highest level of interactivity, fullcourse narration, closed captioning, and high definition videos, animated illustrations and. Make sure to equip your car with a first aid kit, flashlight, blanket, map and a roadside safety kit, especially if youre planning a long trip. Above all else, make sure youre covered with an affordable car insurance policy. Tips and techniques driving is an individual responsibility to obey the rules of the road, drive defensively and be courteous to all drivers. The standard safe practices for motor vehicle operations, ansiasse z15. Employees that are often on the road are exposed to the possibility of being in an accident and defensive driving can prevent many injuries. Write the groups ideas on the flip chart or whiteboard. Speeding and offensive driving are major problems which contribute to fatal car crashes throughout the united states.

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