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The razor in moby dick, by herman melville, he writes about multiple gams between captain ahabs ship, the pequod, and other ships, yet because of ahabs selfishness, these meetings do not last a while unless there is information to be gathered about moby dicks whereabouts. His perusal of the ships discipline finds no officers, numerous black slaves milling about and doing odd jobs, and the captain, don benito cereno, too weak and nervous to do much more than what. Delanos original narrative is approximately half the length of melvilles tale, and melville. Its kind of amazing when you think about the sheer number of things that had to work out in order to succeed. Benito cereno s childhood friend alexandro aranda is the owner of most of the slaves on the san dominick before the slaves rebellion. The benito cereno theme wheel is a beautiful super helpful visualization of where the themes occur throughout the text. Benito cereno study guide contains a biography of herman melville, literature essays, a complete etext, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Benito cereno by herman melville overdrive rakuten. A summary of benito cereno part ii in herman melvilles melville stories. For most of benito cereno, babo masquerades as cerenos servant. When a rattylooking ship pulls into his harbor, he goes over to check it out and finds a starving group of spanish sailors and slaves captained by benito cereno.

Come on, he practically orchestrates the whole scheme that keeps captain delano hoodwinked. Enumerate elements of benito cereno which demonstrate an insiders knowledge of ships and seagoing men. The two ships then sail away towards lima peru, where there will be a court hearing and an investigation into the whole matter. However, he is actually there to keep an eye on cereno and to make sure that cereno doesnt betray babo and the slaves to captain delano. Captain delano agrees to help but begins to notice the strange social interactions and atmosphere of cereno s crew and the slaves. Theyre only accessible on tablets, laptops, or desktop computers, so check them out on a compatible device. Babo told benito to play that everything was normal when delano came on board, but that obviously ended disastrously. At the opening of this section, melville provides the main part of benito cereno s testimony before the viceregal court cereno reports that the san dominick set forth from valparaiso on may 20, 1798, with a crew of thirtysix, bound for callao, with a large cargo as well as one hundred and sixty slaves belonging to don alexandro aranda. The tale, slightly revised, was included in his short story collection the piazza tales that appeared in may 1856. To assist the ship in safe passage, he travels by whaleboat to the vessel, a handsome spanish trader now fallen into serious disrepair. The wind returns, and delano begins to pilot the san dominick toward his own ship. Babo led the slave revolt against the sailors, taking over the san dominick. Historical contexts benito cereno obviously needs above all to be set in the contexts of the antebellum slavery controversy and of the prior historical events to which the story refers summarized in the footnotes. Ships were then not so plenty in those waters as now.

The captain of a sealing ship bachelors delight, captain amasa delano, spots another ship drifting listlessly towards the bay of santa maria. While the setting of benito cereno is not as sweet as the setting of the little mermaid, this seascape doesnt seem like such a bad spot at the beginning. Babo, a flagrant cutthroat, leads the slave revolt, chalks follow your leader below arandas skeleton, and orders atrocities, but commits no murder. Free monkeynotes study guide summarybenito cereno by. Wondering if the ship may be in distress, delano boards his whaleboat and sets sail towards the suspicious ship. Please do add poststhough create a fake user nameat the moment i have to moderate, which means posts dont show up till i click themapparently then i can enter your email and make you a contributor, which i think will allow posts without moderation. Looks like youre viewing this page on a mobile device. This study guide for herman melvilles benito cereno offers summary and analysis on themes, symbols, and other literary devices found in the text. Benito cereno section 4 summary and analysis gradesaver. Not much is known about don alexandro, besides the fact that he considered his slaves tractable and did not enchain them during the voyage.

Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of melville stories and what it means. A bright sun and a soft breeze promised good weather ahead. Soon the two ships are anchored near one another, and delano calls for a. Benito cereno is a novella by herman melville, a fictionalized account about the revolt on a spanish slave ship captained by don benito cereno, first published. For instance benito cereno s lack of punishment for the blacks on his ship. Benito cereno, by herman melville, part one voa learning english. Anyway, benito gives delano the lowdown on the ship. After the slave rebellion, aranda is killed on deck in front of cereno and the rest of the company. The captain, benito cereno, was ordered to sail to senegal. Discuss the sources of major allusions in benito cereno. Captain delano becomes increasingly suspicious of all the sketchy stuff going on aboard the san dominick. In benito cereno, the narrator is amasa delano, the captain of a massachusetts whaling ship.

Originally published in putnams monthly in 1855, benito cereno appeared in melvilles piazza tales, in a slightly revised form, in 1856. Analyze babos role in subduing and terrorizing benito cereno and his crew. Benito cereno s deposition, given for the court hearing, tells the whole horrible story of what has been happening on board the san dominick. While anchored, the crew spots another ship coming toward the island. In the course of delanos visit, babo made it known to cereno that he planned to take over delanos ship, if possible. The appeal of benito cereno can be attributed largely to its muchdiscussed narrative structure, one that implicates the reader in its mysteries, forcing a suspensefilled and continuous process of mis and reinterpretation. Cereno describes the events of the day delano spent on board the san dominick. Story summary to assist the ship in safe passage, he travels by whaleboat to the vessel, a handsome spanish trader now fallen into serious disrepair. Benito cereno is a novella by herman melville, a fictionalized account about the revolt on a spanish slave ship captained by don benito cereno, first published in three installments in putnams monthly in 1855. Distorted records in benito cereno and the slave rebellion tradition douglas m. When the story begins, captain delano and his ship, the bachelors delight, are anchored off the island of santa maria.

Benito was supposed to steer the ship towards senegal, where the slaves were supposed to go free, but pesky delano happened to stumble across them before that could happen. This differs from melvilles novella, or short story, benito cereno, in which captain delanos ship. Delano begins to believe that cereno is hiding something, and turns out to be right, as a climactic battle breaks out between the two. The form of benito cereno is, in fact, uniquely and inextricably bound to its content. He sees at least a couple of the slaves beating the spaniards, as well as an old man who seems weirdly fixated on undoing a knot. Apparently, the ship got stuck in a storm and was hit hard with scurvy. Delano orders his crew back to his own ship to get supplies, then tries to figure out whats happened to the san dominick. The most frequent and most serious misinterpretations of benito cereno are these. Coulson this article reexamines herman melvilles short story benito cereno, in which the true history of the storys events is only revealed to the reader at the end of the story through lengthy extracts from. For most of benito cereno, babo masquerades as cereno s servant. Babo forced cereno, at knifepoint, to ask delano questions about the bachelors delight s cargo, arsenal, and crew. However, after finishing the story not only do we as the reader now understand the motives behind benito cereno s actions, but so does captain delano.

Maria, where the san dominick is docked, is near a small, uninhabited island in the south of chile. Explain how the history of the slave trade serves as a backdrop for benito cereno. The slaves rebelled, because they wanted the ship to take them back to. Benito cereno characters from litcharts the creators of. His body is taken into the hold for three days, after which it emerges utterly skeletonized. Although not much is known about arandas character, he seems trusting and read full character analysis. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Since captain delano is american, you can bet your britches that hes midway through a fruitful. My great uncle was on the ship and took many pictures of fdr, churchill and stalin, so i am 100% sure of the name of the ship. Apparently, it was a slave ship that was bound for lima before the crew fell on hard times. Benito cereno, written in 1855 by herman melville, is a short story full of suspense from its mysterious opening to its shocking conclusion. It can be difficult to decide whether this is an honest, or alternatively, prejudicial way of looking at the horrors of 18 th century slavery. What is the name of cerenos ship in benito cereno answers. The story involves the interaction of the american captain amasa delano, the european captain benito cereno, and the african slave babo aboard the spanish slaver san dominick, a clear.

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